2019 firefighting season has ended

Boulder Mountain Contracting Ltd. fights forest fires and supplies first aid services in BC, Canada.

We're proud of our 30-year history of safe working practices, quality of work and productivity. Boulder Mountain is a small company dedicated to training, equipping and leading high-energy fire crews and medics.

Boulder Mountain is a professional fire crew. We surpass government requirements for contract crews in BC


  • Mike Dewey, the Company owner and Chief Crew Leader, has years of experience in logging (BC Certified Faller), First Aid (OFA L3 Instructor & First Aid Agency owner) as well as in fire fighting. He provides initial instruction and ongoing training as well as leading the crew in the field.


  • We use the 'arduous' fitness standard (45 pound pack, 3 miles under 45 minutes) instead of the required 'moderate' standard (20 pound pack, 2 miles under 30 minutes).


  • Mike Dewey is a recognized instructor by both BC and the US Pacific North West Coordinating Group. Boulder Mountain is a founding member of the Northern Contractors Association, which has a Memorandum of Understanding with the PNWCG to train fire fighters. We train for a week using the US training standard, which far exceeds the BC standard.


  • We exceed the communication standard. Every squad is equipped with 2 portable radios programmed with Ministry frequencies. Plus, each crew member carries a crew tactical radio.
  • We have used GPS units since 1995. Our current standard is for 2 Garmin Rino GPS's per squad. These units allow us to transmit important data between squad members and between squads. We can instantaneously update each other on the location of: water sources, trouble areas, hot spots, spot fires, danger-trees, heli-spots, escape routes and safety zones. We use them to calculate area, measure hose lays and figure elevation differences for pump set-ups. The Ministry requirement is for one GPS unit per crew.

  • We supply and maintain the best quality tools, equipment and personal protective equipment.

Boulder Mountain Contracting Ltd.