About Boulder Mountain Contracting Ltd


Boulder Mountain was started because the founder, Mike Dewey, loved fighting fire. After his first fire in 1969 he knew what his life’s work would be. Everything he did leading up to the start of the company in 1988 helps to broaden the skills set of Boulder Mountain today:

  • Truck driving
  • Logging – both as a faller and a heavy equipment operator
  • First Aid – first as an OFA L3 attendant then as an instructor and finally as the owner of a Training Agency

The owner takes an active part in the field – recruiting, training, equipping and leading the team – through example:

  • Demonstrating that safety is always the main objective
  • Ensuring that quality of workmanship is maintained
  • And by setting the standard for productivity


Our objective is to make the people we work for look good…

  • We stay safe
  • We get the job done
  • We can work without supervision
  • We maintain our own quality control
  • We always try to do more than what we’re supposed to do… without fuss
  • We provide first aid for ourselves (and others, if requested)
  • We’re good with water handling (we get pumps to work well and we don’t waste water)
  • We assess and cut down our own danger-trees
  • We’re safe and efficient working with helicopters
Boulder Mountain Contracting Ltd.