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Explosives in Fire Fighting

While fighting fire near Lodgepole, Alberta in 1998 we got a demonstration on how effective explosives could be on the fire line.  Bellow is a sequence of photographs showing how a dangerous snag was brought down as well how easy it is to create a fire guard.

setting explosive charge

A explosive charge is being positioned on a dangerous tree which can not be cut down safely.

detonation cord

The detonation cord is rolled out to a safe distance.  The cord is hollow with an explosive coating on the inside.

waiting for clear signal

Waiting to make sure that area clear of personnel.

ready to detonate

The explosive charge is ready to be detonated. 

detonation trigger

The detonation trigger.

danger tree down

The tree is felled and the danger is over.

preparing explosives

Firefighter preparing the explosives after stringing out two rows of explosives.

fire line detonation of explosives

The detonation of the two explosive runs.

fire guard created by explosives

The newly created fire guard after detonating two lines of explosives next to each other with 15" gap in between.

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